Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Two New Sesame Street DVDs -- Bilingual Mandarin Chinese & English

Two new Sesame Street DVDs arrived! They are "Wake up with Elmo" and "Heads, Hand, Feet," the latter is an adorable introduction to words such as head, hands, and feet in Chinese. These Sesame Street shows are bilingual with Mandarin Chinese and English audio and subtitle options, making them great for an introduction to Chinese as well as a fun show for children who already speak a lot of Chinese.

As you use these DVDs (or any DVD), you can play them in the computer and use the "print screen" (or any other print option) to print a page that you want. This is very useful for learning characters! Just print the first introductory page and let your child practice writing the characters. Then go to the second page, and so forth. Join your child in writing the characters, so he or she has company, too.

For everyone who is collecting the set, please let us know which shows you still need. We will be bringing back another five to six new Sesame Street DVDs in May, but we can also bring back a few extras if you email us with specific titles.

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