Sunday, May 3, 2009

Do you have our Dora the Explorer in Chinese DVD set? Here is how you build the word "backpack" in Chinese.

Here are words from the backpack song:


bèibāo, bèibāo, bèibāo... wǒ shí bèibāo!
(are the tone marks coming out okay on everyone's computers? if not, please let me know!)

backpack, backpack, backpack..I am backpack!

bèibāo = 背包 = backpack
bèi = 背=back
bāo = 包 = bag

Another similar compound word would be shūbāo. shū = 书 = book, so shūbāo = 书包 = book bag.

If you get gibberish where the Chinese characters should be, see our notes below about adjusting your Internet browser to view Simplified Chinese.

Take a peek at our Dora DVDs in Mandarin Chinese.


Anonymous said...

the popping pandas site is coming up as "unsafe" to open, just fyi. you may be losing customers. i, for one, am not risking it.

Montessori House said...

Thanks for your note! I haven't seen this on my computer, of course, but will try to open the site on a different one. If you have any idea how I can see the same "unsafe" message -- perhaps on a different setup or browser -- please do let me know!!

Everything is fine with the popping pandas site! Payments are processed completely on PayPal's site once you click the purchase buttons, so you are not even shopping on our site, but on PayPal's setup.