Sunday, May 24, 2009

Colors in Chinese: Red, Yellow, and Blue

Here are the color names in Chinese that match the first three colors in the Montessori Color Tablets Box:

= hóng = red
黄色 = huángsè = yellow
= lánsè = blue

(these three examples should copy and paste well into Word for printing...please let me know if they don't).

If you have the Dora DVDs in Chinese, you will see these color names used a lot. The "se" part of the word is usually needed in conjunction with the color name -- a lot of flash cards and books have only "hong" for the color red, for example, but you usually need to say "hongse" when you talk about the color -- excuse my lack of tone marks here, they take a while to add, so I am just using them in the formal examples for kids above.

We have fun bilingual color word flash cards that we created in conjnction with Lori at Montessori for Everyone.

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